AdditionalServices [Garment Alteration Service]
With more than 30 years� experience in manufacturing speciality and bespoke clothing we have invested heavily in our own facilities for making garment alterations. Our experienced seamstresses along with our technical team can produce and alter garments as required. This can prove to be a vital service particularly for safety critical garments and garments which enhance brand and company profile. We recognise the importance of wearer suitability and comfort, without which garments may not be worn and expose businesses to safety risks and possible compensation claims.

[Respiratory Protective Equipment & Face Fit Testing]
With the ever changing EU laws and additional clamping down from the HSE, it is vital that your staff understand and use RPE correctly. Our individually-structured training programs ensure that your staff have all the knowledge they need to work safely in any environment.
Please contact your account manager for information on Fit2Fit accredited face fit testing where we are able to �train the trainer�, giving your company safe assurance that there is a competent member of staff who can test the RPE at any given time.

[Site Surveys]
There may be occasions where your safety officer requires specialist knowledge or short-term assistance. Our consultants and by working closely with some of the recognised RPE brands are able to support based on your specific requirements.

Future Garments are known within the industry as pioneers and innovators of all types of work wear, corporate wear and PPE. We are fully conversant with the challenges facing various industries that a company operates within. Innovation is the key to our success in today�s highly competitive market.
More often than not, innovation is normally initiated by the customer identifying a problem with the product, process or the environment they are working within. Future Garments� ethos is to assist any customer to improve products on offer, enhance wearer acceptability and most importantly assist our customers to alleviate problems found within their working environment.
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